Final Cut Pro – Imagine Life

FINAL CUT PRO After opening Final Cut Pro, I was asked to choose an Easy Setup, a collection of settings that would suit what I wanted to capture and edit, and a scratch disk, the hard disk where I’ll store my media files. Importing files Choose File > Import, then I choose File or Folder from the […]

Ident Process

After all my research for my tv ident, I began to start designing. Firstly i opened up illustrator and designed my logo. I then opened up After Effects and made a new composition. I then went to Layer> new>solid to create my circles for my ident. I chose my colours and pressed okay. I used […]

TV idents

For this assignment i have been told to produce a set of TV idents. i will have to think of a new tv channel, make a logo and produce a short visual. To start this assignment i will begin with researching some TV idents that have been aired or are still airing now.  E4. E4 […]