TV idents

For this assignment i have been told to produce a set of TV idents. i will have to think of a new tv channel, make a logo and produce a short visual. To start this assignment i will begin with researching some TV idents that have been aired or are still airing now. 


E4 is a channel broadcasted in the UK and Northern Ireland, it is part of the channel 4 family. The channel first appeared about 11 years ago in 2001, and I personally think the channel is aimed at young teenagers and adults, aged around 15-30 years old. E4 is an Entertainment and comedy channel, with the ‘E’ standing for Entertainment which relates to the programs they broadcast. They broadcast popular shows such as the likes of the world famous F.r.i.e.n.d.s series and other US shows such as Scrubs, and One tree hill and Small Ville. The british programs they broadcast such as Misfits, Holly-oaks and Skins are also viewers favorites. The E4 logo is purple and White and is bold and creative and also stands out to attract an audience. It isnot a serious logo but more of a playful edge. I think this defines the channel in one image. Here is 2 images of 2 different tv idents they have created while the voice over man lists the forthcoming programs.


BBC Three is a television network from the BBC broadcasting family via. The channel’s target audience includes those in the 16–34 year old age group, and has the purpose of providing “innovative” content to younger audiences, focusing on new talent and new technologies. The channel is on-air from 19:00 to around 05:00 each night, in order to share Terrestrial television bandwidth with the CBBC Channel. Unlike its commercial rivals, 90% of BBC Three’s output is from the United Kingdom and other European union countries. 80% is original, covering all genres, from current affairs, to drama, to comedy to animation. BBC Three has a unique 60 seconds format for its news bulletins. This was adopted so that operation of the channel could be completely automated, without the complication of dealing with variable length live news broadcasts.

Channel Outline Document.

Channel Name: The Video Store (logo popcorn with the video store wrote on box)

My Television Channel is a 24-hour Film channel that views only the best and most high requested films.  The channel will be aired 24 hours a day and the channel target audience will be family, and appeal to everyone. The viewers must press the red button on their remotes to chose from the available listings. Once they have selected what movie they would like to see the most, a percentage chart will be displayed showcasing what movie for that time of the day is in the lead for broadcasting. Movie age ratings will be suitable for that time of day. My channel is open to all ages of people, this is managed by the time of day and the audience age. For example.

Monday- Friday 6am-8:30am Infants and Children (Cert-U)

Early morning movies will be based at infants and young children. Movies will include those and similar too: Toy Story, Peppa Pig, Disney Movies and other cartoon animated movies.

Monday-Friday 8:45-4:45pm Elderly and History (Cert-U/PG)

During the day adults and children should be at work or in school so between these hours my channel will be based around the elderly and more educational history movies. Movies shown will be modern takes on old book such as Pride and Prejudice and Casablanca. Original movies will also  be shown such as 1950’s Father of the Bride and Original Doris Day and Marilyn Monroe. This genre of film will finish at 4:45pm in time for the evening showings.

5pm-9pm Early Evening Family, young adults (Cert U/PG/12A)
This time slot will be viewable for all families, teenagers and everyone else. Perfect timing for after dinner or the hours running up to the children’s bedtime. Movies shown at this time would be the likes of Cheaper by the Dozen, Harry Potter, Disney (non animated).

9pm- 5am Adult humor/content (Cert 15/18/R)

Movies shown at this time will be adult humor and content based. Parents can filter the channel by calling up the customer Services and stop viewing of the channel after certain hours. Movies on this channel will be those like and similar too: American Pie, The Hangover, The Inbetweeners Movie and other genres such as Horror showing movies like, The grudge, The Orphan, The Ring and Paranormal Activity.

5am-6am will be an off air hour playing classic songs from well known movies. Videos to these tracks will not be shown, clips of all movies offered on this channel will slideshow faintly in the background. Then at 6am the viewers choice of children’s movie will be show.

The same time table applies for Weekends.

My channel Works by the viewer pressing the red button and choosing between 6 movies, to do this all they have to do is press the number corresponding with the movie title. The vote will be taken once and the most voted movie will be shown, followed by the second most voted, etc, until that time slot of genre is over. Voting is Free and Parental Control is available.

A horror movie ident i really like is film 4 horror fest. The ident shows a convayer belt with sharp edged and horror related items such as scissors knives and needles getting packed into a box. then at the end of the convayer belt a bloody styled stamp marks the box with Frightfest, the box is beginning to bleed. Although it is only a short ident i think it is really effective.

Logo Research.

As my channel “The Video Store” is a movie channel i thought i should incorporate the typical movie items such as popcorn, film roles, tickets and flashly lights. I have researched these items to inspire my idea of a logo, here is what i have found:

Logo Develpment

Here are some logos i found online, by drawing these out it has helped to decide what i want for my own logo. I brainstormed things to do with cinemas and movies to try and come up with a name. Although the name of my channel is simple, it is easy to remember and is more about the quality of the channel than the branding.

Monday 28th Jan 13.
I have changed my mind about the branding and decided to look at info-graphics. I researched this topic and came across a lot of really unique and interesting shapes and colors. I have decided to use a circle shape for my ident, this will be portrayed in different colors and movements. Here are some images i found to inspire my decision

nonsense-infographics nonsense_infographics_01 nonsense_infographics_02 nonsense_infographics_03
bigstock_colorful_infographic_vector_co_25559144 infographic_05 Infographics-Infographic infographicviral Kentico_fortune500_infographics_FINAL tumblr_lolmja4aoc1qzbok1o1_1280 tumblr_m1z7oyjETa1qh9qk0o1_500 tumblr_m5zsn3HTCp1qzpwi0o1_500 vh_political_infographic_upd-576x1024

As you can see, there are a lot of circular shapes. I have created an ident that has multicoloured circles changing in size in a random order. The ident is modern, unique and catchy.


When i finalised my idea for my ident, i opened up Abode After Effects, opened up a new composition and began from scratch.

Here is my TV iDent for my TV channel, Spectrum.


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