Promotional Design

Here are some Links followed by my own views and professional reviews to some examples of promotional design. I have researched online and found some really impressive designs and techniques to promote branding and advertise yourself well.

1) El Camino Food Truck.

El Camino Foodtruck is our answer to Monterrey’s gastronomic needs. Its menu caters for all tastes, ranging from vegetarian options to delicious Texas-style hamburgers and sandwiches. The spanish/english combination in its name is a play with words which aims to communicate these flavors.

For this project we developed and exhaustive graphic language  which is constantly growing. The aim is to make the Foodtruck very recognisable through its easily identifiable graphic style. Americana and biker tattoos are two strong influences, expressing the truck’s rough and Texan personality in an appealing way. El Camino Foodtruck is a tribute to an artisanal approach, from the meticulous preparation of the food it serves to the creation and implementation of its visual language that was conceived in pencil and paper and later hand drawn directly on the truck.

f2cb83251d3944caed4d723bf5e171c8 d692ba6c5faec00132850ca424283e00 b6de191f5e2b60c674c3cb08a8bd48f7 b4e28ed83a17f5a2c335564de95ee0d1 79aa3bfe2e5a33b7486058616d84091e 9e261d33082c292b805e85dfd115aba5 2c34dcd99ee78ff3a225445269dff5c2

I really like how this design is so simple and genius yet so effective. It serves great food, professional and also friendly. The promotional design is very well done because its on the truck they are basically driving round on their own terms advertising where ever they please. The design is hand drawn then transfered over to the truck. This is one of my favorite company branding so far.

2) Gelatalia

Gelatalia is an Italian Ice Cream Company. It has combined the leaning tower of Pisa and Scoops of ice cream to achieve the over all logo. You can imediently recognise the logo is Italian, and the pursose is to serve ice cream. i really like this logo because it looks great on many materials which is a must when advertising. The logo is welcoming and fun.

3a9df7e34a0229214f9644241e189fdc 4b7a20694daca2c4b276841cda0d78c0 41a3229858fb8b3dddcc6a78e6313381 85b4bf7af7fa133bfe5ad5dbd57080f7 4562a75c48c7a4f7b59a7785fcfa51f9 ab1c20435a62dd90a5bb60dcf5c6791c Ross_Portfolio.pdf bdff279b351b2733efbb633fd2d8e215 footer2 d8137ccc5f4b603a678c4124a65d8e44 d05186922a4ca5de8014c93ac73f8117 e6c02233d1cc5f4a221fa060b3db513b

3). Fils de fer – Souvenir 14 18

Brush lettering for Fils de fer – Souvenir 14 18.
I thought this promtional design was quite special because of the amount of hand drawn work that has gone in to produce this. Digital work can easily be deleted or corrected or edited if you change your mind. I love the creativity and the skill that this brand uses. The use the logo to its full potential and i think the over all look and feel for the brand is amazing! Really cool and inviting. Here are some images:

7d91c5111cd289386cd25b255c529d14 28c913a5c4b753fbac5fd1c949c453db 195d3fb883d94379529733c1d4b1a90a 907b85f15448ad9297399a0b96d69129 7592b61a8fda611004aa9371418b908f d61af7ce7deb692b3b67ca77e5752c8d edbf946bcca6a9ca33621a99581be215

4). The Dapper Dog

The Dapper Dog is a brand of dog grooming products inspired by the most enthusiastic of dog owners. This line is imagined to bridge the gap between the mainstream market and higher end, luxury brands. In contrast to the more serious and sophisticated appearance of the products are the names and product descriptions. The brand features products such as “The Usual” all purpose shampoo, the “Lookin’ Sharp” collar & leash set, and “Swanky Stuff” pomade, for all those pompadour pooches.
Exotic scents and flavors, such as the “Mint Julep” pomade ensure that pet owners will be intrigued and invested in a retail environment, encouraging exploration throughout the various brand’s products.

9130f87b0acdc04f5cc394018df0abab c8b2b13e65562cb54b91b6342914da7d c43450d8f659d50eba7947c7e5ad1543 d1738cd88609e4dd2cbc42a3ff3726c2 e2b15db682dc0ab6f029b25c30ab17ee f5654dc86ce37637281ddf0144386033

Most dogs live to chase tail and feel the wind in their fur. Others are more concerned with how well their collar matches their coat. Some dogs, however, enjoy all of the qualities that life has to offer. These dogs aren’t afraid to get their paws dirty, and then after a hard day’s work enjoy a nice hot oatmeal bath. They look forward to an appointment at the groomer as much as a day on the lake. These dogs are Dapper Dogs. Tough yet refined, playful but sophisticated. Fetch is a game best played with a freshly conditioned coat, so take your leash off and let your tongue hang out. Dapper Dogs play hard, but they do it in style.

5). Just In Case

Just in Case is an End-Of-The-World Survival Kit consisting of water, biscuits, a knife, matches and other gimmick type items such as a note pad and pencil. I like this brand because its more of a road-trip/traveling kit rather and can be used seriously even though the name is jokey. I like the fact the running theme is all yellow. Its a nice bright colour and really effective for the name of the brand. The graphics are simple and silhouette like.  Here are some photos.

branding+identity+logo+19 branding+identity+logo+20 branding+identity+logo+21


Business Cards.

Here are a list of business cards that i found really clever, powerful and creative. There are different mediums such are cloth, paper, wood and plastic. i think a stand out business card is always remembered well.

apple_imac apple_imac_4 ard biz cocote gabefer wroclaw_american_film_festival wroclaw_american_film_festival_4


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