After Effects Dark Lords Project

For this assignment i was asked to create two more stings for the Dark Lords. This assignment must consist of two 5-10 second duration videos. The videos are to fit in exactly with the example video so they become like a set or have the same feel to them. We started off as a group in a class discussion depicting the videos on how they were made, using what materials and programs and taking note of the transitions.

Graphical Style

There was a defining pattern amongst the video we was shown and what we had to create, that being the matching colour scheme, basic geometic shapes, crosses, logo and font and lastly the paper texture background. The example video we was shown was smooth, fast and flowed perfectly, there was no glitches or periods of time when nothing happened. The video was 3D yet still graphical in appearance. I then had to replicate these qualities in to my own video. I started off by making plans and ideas.

Work Flow

i started out drawing quick sketches of videos until i came to decision on what i wanted to do. I noted these ideas into a sketchbook. I then took a few of my sketches and made them more complete by using them in a storyboard. The storyboard was like a mind map keeping me on track to what i wanted to produce. moving elements I opened up Adobe Illustrator to produce some templates and put my sketches together. (see pic)

To ensure my template would work when i was to transfer it over to adobe after effects I had to make each shape in its own layer, this was to make sure i could then animate each shape on it own. I had to make sure the illustrator document was the same size as the after effects so when i imported the layers they were all the same size.

Importing into After Effects ‘composition- layer size’ I had to make my video 3D, i did this by ticking all the boxes correspond to the 3D symbol. Here is a picture of my video in there own layers organized into a 3d format.

3D images of my video

Animating in After Effects 1. basic animation using keyframes. 2. bounce expression. 3. light – layer > new > light.

once the movie was finished i had to export it as a quick time video. Composition > Make Movie

Compressing through Quicktime


The video is now exported and able for upload to vimeo.


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