Adam Jesberger.



Adam Jesberger is a man of many talents. He is an Art Director with a background in storyboard illustration and animation. Currently Jesberger is working on concept, design and maintains web platforms and mobile experiences for premium global brands. 

As I browse through his portfolio it’s not hard to see why clients would chose him, from working with the likes of Nike GPS to MasterCard and others, his work is immaculate and extremely commendable. His website is simplistic and fresh, it is based solely around his work, there are no eyesore backgrounds or overly large photos of his own work. The background for everything is black with a narrow white page that presents the work. This makes his work look crisp and sharp. He tells us information about all his challenges and experiences, and what exactly the product does that he has designed an Ad for.  The portfolio has no intro or messing around, it takes you straight into his work. There are some visual ques and rollovers but it’s not over crowed with show off talent. The website only has 3 tabs to chose from, Gallery, About and Contact. I think this makes Adam Jesberger look confident and appeal more to companies.


Overall I think the webite really propels Jesbergers talent and sophistication. The navigation is flawless, the layout is clean and he has time for everyone no matter how big or small the task. 


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